We will be a leader in the further development of martial science, committed to the changing needs of the martial arts student and our community.

Peterson’s Martial Arts, run by Certified Black Belt Instructors, provides martial arts instruction in a safe and supportive environment while promoting wellness, encourage healthy martial arts lifestyles and fostering community thinking.

We support the Chil Sung Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation, continuing to foster the rich history of Tang Soo Do.

We are committed to our community. 

We believe through community, martial arts and student collaboration we will be able to extend a positive influence to others.

We will pursue excellence by delivering high quality, competent and practical instruction.

In our relationship with others, HONOR, LOYALTY and TRUST are important.

We strive to ensure a safe and secure environment for students and instructors.


Adult/Kids Classes

Adult/Kids Pricing

We offer a wide range of options in pricing.

Gold Plan: $100.00 per month

Silver Plan: $85.00 per month

Bronze Plan $65.00 per month





In memory of
Kyle Bammann
To never be forgotten
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