Women's Assault Self Protection

WASP was developed just for women! All too often self defense is offered, to women, as a reaction to an event or as a once a quarter class. At Peterson's Martial Arts, we pride ourselves in seeing the need to provide a proactive curriculum, that is not a traditional martial art (belt) system, but a science that was developed for the self protection of the daughter, sister, mother, aunt, grandmother, girlfriend, or wife.

From the beginning of time women have been seen as easy targets. THAT STOPS NOW!

Our mission is to provide women with the tools and skills necessary to assist in defending themselves from situations of violence.

Our training involves standard kicking and punching techniques as well as practical self defense tactics.

Our goal is to empower women with a sense of SAFE T.

Strength - We will build strength physically and mentally.
Awareness - Knowing the situation and learning how to avoid it.
Flexibility - The ability to adjust to the situation.
Education - Understanding the laws about defense.
Training - The only way to truly understand the who, what, why, and how of self defense.

Our students train twice a week. We believe that the only way to truly be prepared is to train and train often. We provide different types of training scenarios that allow for the use of practical self defense techniques. Give us a call today to see if WASP is for you!